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#13NovBalochMartyrsDay | BNM Panjgur Zone

Baloch National Movement Panjgur Zone organized a

#13NovBalochMartyrsDay || BNM Mashkai

A program was organized by Baloch National

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Forty days of mourning for Karima Baloch’s martyrdom. BNM

The spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement said that the martyrdom of Karima Baloch, a BNM leader living in exile

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The thoughts and philosophy of Shaheed Imdad Bojair and Shaheed Raza Jahangir are alive

In a statement, the Baloch National Movement spokesman paid tribute to the martyrs of Turbat, Imdad Bojair and Raza Jahangir

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BNM calls to support the Pashtun Long March

Khalil Baloch, Baloch National Movement's Chairman, announced to support the Pashtun long March to Quetta, and appealed Baloch nation to

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پاکستانی فورسز بلوچ سیاسی جہد کاروں کے رشتہ داروں کو تنگ کرنے اور اغوا کرنے کا سلسلہ شروع کر چکے ہیں

بلوچ نیشنل موومنٹ کے مرکزی ترجمان نے میڈیا میں جاری کردہ بیان میں بلوچستان میں پاکستان کی جانب سے ہونے

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UN Side-Line Event: Dr. Naseem Baloch Raises Concerns Over China Usurping Baloch Land with Successful CPEC Project

The project is an imperialist endeavor that would alter the demographics of Balochistan.

By Dr. Naseem Baloch

A protest held in Germany against Pakistani atrocities. BNM

Baloch National Movement's central spokesperson in his statement said that today a protest was held in German city of Düsseldorf

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BNM Representative Urges UK Parliamentarians to Elevate Balochistan Issue, Calls for Advocacy and Bans on Pakistan

Our party staunchly supports the struggles for self-determination and basic rights of all oppressed nations.

By Niaz Zehri

Exploitation of resources of Balochistan can be compared with the East India Company: Khalil Baloch

The Baloch National Movement is a revolutionary political party of commoners, who have gained prominence in the Balochistan political landscape

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